Inmobiliaria P&P

Kokuyé is an Inmobiliaria P&P development, a family-owned promoter with 45-years-experience in Panama’s construction industry. Their landmark projects are the Parque Residencial Camino de Cruces and the Residencial Los Senderos de Camino de Cruces private communities, both in Panama City, where they combined luxury standards with the country’s lush nature.

The Group also manages the Estructuras Nacionales (ENSA) construction company. In their long trajectory in the industry they have created apartment buildings (Yoo, Ocean Two, Pearl at the Sea), retail plazas and malls (Multicentro, Oceania Business Center), hotels (Hard Rock Hotel Panama) and other projects in key locations that cover the Panamanian territory.

Their work stands out for following these values:

Honesty · Credibility · Efficiency · Experience · Vision · Eco-conscience


Inmobiliaria P&P has worked with Panama’s best architect firms, such as Mallol & Mallol, Carlos Clement, Cambefort & Boza, Edwin Brown y Asociados. To develop Kokuyé, they have joined international experts to guarantee the highest quality standards.

OBMI Architecture, Miami.


This firm was born from the idea that appropriate architecture creating a well-designed space, is itself an experience. As well-seasoned masters of vernacular architecture, they have a deep expertise designing for the globe’s most storied destinations and luxurious homes. In their luxury resorts, boutique hotels, and bespoke villas, travelers are moved by transformative vacations. Moments that lodge forever in the heart.

George Moreno & Partners.

Architectural Design

Based in Panama, this firm is led by one of the most talented architects in the region in recent years. Their creations focus on improving people’s quality of life through an elegant and comfortable architectural design, together with an efficient urbanism that keeps a close contact with nature. They have developed residential and office buildings, as well as private beach and city communities. George Moreno’s passion for surfing made him an ideal choice for Kokuyé.  

ATM (Applied Technology & Management, Inc.).


This company has had the privilege of working globally with some of the finest planners, architects, hotel, and development companies on international waterfront resort developments. Resort and mixed-use developers benefit from ATM’s experience in understanding the environmental setting, with their ability to provide ecologically sensitive and sustainable solutions during their planning process. Their specialty engineering services complement and strengthen the skills of the planners and architects, starting from a base concept that follows the evolution of a rain drop: stormwater, streams, lakes, reservoirs, rivers, estuaries, beaches, seas, and oceans.