This is Kokuyé

Kokuyé is a unique beach development in Panama, Central America.

It is located in the Colón province, on the Panamanian isthmus’ Atlantic side, in a pristine Caribbean coast location and just a few miles away from the San Blas archipelago.

Its master plan includes luxury residences, a beach resort and a marina –a truly unparalleled community on the country’s Atlantic coast– combining nature’s charm and magic with first rate architectural design and amenities.

Aiming to satisfy demanding clients from both the local and international markets, each detail has been considered to create a unique beach experience, with all the expected features and comforts surrounded by a tropical ambiance.

New Urbanism

Kokuyé was created under new urbanism precepts. This means that the development has a more balanced and sustainable masterplan, taking into consideration, above all, the resident’s wellbeing in their surrounding areas. It also promotes a better living through efficient and sustainable spaces, a better relationship with nature, and a more collective way of life within the community.

Natural Surroundings

Its privileged location along the Caribbean’s placid waters and coral reefs, and the surrounding 4000 hectares of tropical rainforest on the Panamanian mainland, make Kokuyé a place where nature and the good life go hand in hand.

This ideal is something that Inmobiliaria P&P, the project’s developer, has done successfully in previous developments, such as the Parque Residencial Camino de Cruces and in the Residencial Los Senderos de Camino de Cruces, both in Panama City.

Comfortable Spaces

True luxury lies in the proper use of space. Overall, the project is a low density one, with three or four-story buildings and one or two units per floor, separated by small gardens for residents to move in comfort around the grounds.

Apartments also include ample and efficient distributions that are quite cozy for a beach residence, allowing for an unparalleled sense of luxury that fits a project of this level of exclusivity.

Phase One

Kokuyé’s first phase of construction consists of 12 buildings with 5 apartment models, all of them with dynamic and efficient spaces that are both comfortable and welcoming.

The promoters will deliver 28 different sized units, with apartments starting at 70 square meters going up to 300 square meter penthouses.

It will also include a beach club, a premium resort and a marina like no other in Panamanian coasts.

Caribbean Magic

Kokuyé is located in a very special spot in Panama, surrounded by beautiful nature and possessing an interesting history.

The development is in the Santa Isabel District, passing the town of Santa Isabel proper and near El Porvenir, another small town that serves as the main settlement of the Guna Yala region. The Guna is a local ethnic tribe that lives all around the San Blas archipelago and along the mainland peninsula. Coming from Panama City, it takes a two-and-a-half-hour drive to get there.

A special beach experience…

Kokuye´s surroundings make for a special beach and tourist experience. On one hand, there is the beauty of the Caribbean, which residents can enjoy by visiting the idyllic San Blas islands and getting to know the culture of its Guna people, with their colorful mola embroideries and old traditions. Watersports like fishing, diving, and sailing are also available.

Intense green of the surrounding rainforest

On the other hand, there is the intense green of the surrounding rainforest, where a rich and captivating biodiversity thrives with birds, mammals and other species. The community’s ecofriendly design includes lots greenery and landscaping within the grounds, with paths for trekking and biking, gardens and spaces where you can rest, meditate, do yoga in, or just spend time breathing the clean air while you listen to the birds sing.   

Kokuyé’s magic is truly unique!