Luxury amenities & Adventure lifestyle


This is the best-equipped marina in Panama’s Atlantic coast.

Kokuyé’s marina offers an array of services, equipment, and supplies for your boat or yacht, including a modern dry stack for repairs and a fuel station.

Another one of its features is that it is naturally protected by the Escribano Bay landscape, allowing for an easy disembarkment.

This will be the starting point for an unforgettable day of adventures, fishing, diving and water sports.


Kokuyé’s promoters are in talks with various international boutique hotel franchises. Their plan is that this beach community can also provide a space for tourists and visitors that wish to have a unique experience surrounded by nature, luxury and wellness.


September 2019

Passion for the sea

Make your adrenaline flow in Kokuyé by practicing sport fishing, diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, paddeling among many other water sports.

Caribbean Gastronomy

Fresh and pure ingredients are transformed into surprising flavors that fuse cultures, history and creativity.

Green life

For the heart passionate about nature, Kokuyé presents magnificent scenarios.

Culture and rich history

A magical place, where the Afro-Antillean culture is mixed with the ancestral culture of the Guna ethnic group and the rich history of conquests and pirates.